A Comprehensive Range of Services

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Procon is known for versatility and expertise in a multitude of mining services. Procon can provide a seamless, full-service solution, meeting every need and any combination of the following services:

Mine Development

In establishing mines, Procon has developed everything from small exploration declines and adits, to large scale pre-production mine infrastructure. Work can be carried out solo, or in conjunction with your crews, to develop new mining areas concurrently with your production mining activities.

Contract Mining

Whether mining an open pit or underground ore body, Procon can deliver the ore to the mill. Procon’s services allow scalable production based on your needs, using Procon’s equipment or yours.

Tunnelling and Construction Services

Procon has successfully completed numerous civil tunnels, lake taps, underground powerhouses and their associated penstock and draft tube tunnels. In addition, Procon has the ability to execute civil, mechanical and electrical activities for surface and underground facilities.

Customized Mining Solutions

As a full-service provider, Procon specializes in all aspects of your underground project; however, it is not an all or nothing package. If you have a particular need, Procon has the skill set, equipment and labour to match your individual scope of work.

Remote and Northern Operations

Procon has extensive experience working in remote Northern locations and harsh climate conditions. Procon has become adept in dealing with the unique challenges these environments present. From fly-in operations, to barge access, Procon can mobilize, set up and supply remote sites with confidence and efficiency.

Specialty Services

Procon offers specialty services for those times when you don’t know what might be encountered in your underground project. Ground conditions and water inflows can halt development or production with little warning. From shotcrete, ground support installation and drift rehabilitation, to dewatering and specialized pressure grouting applications, Procon has the equipment, know-how and experience to come up with a solution to get your project back on track.

Surface Blasting and Access Road Construction

With greenfield operations, project access is often a major start-up hurdle. Procon’s fleet of surface drills and earth moving equipment, along with experienced surface blasting crews and equipment operators, can provide access to your site in the harshest terrain.

Raise Mining

Alimak and raise mining has always been a part of Procon’s capabilities. With experienced raise mining crews and the equipment to meet your specific requirements, Procon can get the job done.