At Procon, safety is a core value of our business. We are fully committed to the highest standards of safety performance.

Our Safety Vision and Values

Procon aims to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, visitors, sub-contractors and clients on every Procon work site. We are fully committed to our vision of being ‘best in class’ in safety.

We value and care for the employees in our business – we take care of the people who take care of us.


ProconSAFE was created as an autonomous safety division to help Procon become Best in Class in Safety. ProconSAFE functions alongside Procon’s Operations group and provides strategic safety services, safety personnel, and direction.

ProconSAFE is led by an experienced team who have spent many years managing site-wide health and safety programs in the mining and construction sectors. Our primary focus is on safe operation at Procon’s sites.

We focus on:

  • safe production
  • operating beyond compliance
  • impeccable quality
  • resilient safety systems

Consulting Services

ProconSAFE can provide a wide range of safety consulting services to assist clients meet and exceed regulatory requirements and develop proactive safety cultures. We can supply individual safety program components, such as mine rescue training and equipment, root cause incident investigation courses, hazard recognition and risk mitigation training, all the way up to a fully managed safety program customized to your project.