Indigenous Engagement

Indigenous Engagement

Procon has fostered strong partnerships and joint venture agreements with Canada’s Indigenous people. Our mutual respect and friendship allows for successful and progressive relationships at our mining operations, wherever we go. Our partnerships include the following:

Kaska Alliance / Procon Joint Venture

The Kaska Nation is a treaty group made up of the Kaska Dena Council, Liard First Nation and Ross River Dena Council. The Kaska Dena Council is a society incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia. It includes the Dease River and Kwadacha bands and the Lower Post First Nation (DayluDena Council). The Kaska Dena Traditional Territory is vast, encompassing over 240,000 square kilometres of land, and extends from the southern Northwest Territories, through the southeastern boundary of the Yukon and into northern British Columbia. Kaska/Procon is currently working at Yukon Zinc’s Wolverine Mine.

KeTe Whii / Procon Joint Venture

KeTe Whii Limited was created to realize and maximize the benefits contained in respective agreements between the signatory First Nations (the Dogrib, the Yellowknife Dene and the Lutsel K’e Dene) and resource developers operating on and near their traditional and current land use area in the Northwest Territories. Procon saw the benefits of working with such a unified group and joined the First Nations and resource developers to form the KeTe Whii / Procon Joint Venture. KeTe Whii / Procon is currently working at Dominion Diamond Ekati Diamond Mine.

Kitsaki / Procon Joint Venture

Kitsaki Management Limited Partnership performs the for-profit economic development activities of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band. The band is comprised of six communities: Grandmother’s Bay, Hall Lake, Little Red, Nemeiben River, Stanley Mission and La Ronge. Together with Procon, Kitsaki has formed a contract mining, milling, and construction business that is involved in the development of gold properties in the La Ronge gold belt. Kitsaki / Procon is currently working at Golden Band Resources’ La Ronge Gold Deposit in Northern Saskatchewan.

NNDDC / Procon Joint Venture

The First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun represents the most northerly community of the Northern Tutchone language and culture group. In the Northern Tutchone language the Stewart River is called Na Cho Nyak, meaning Big River. The First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun resides in the community of Mayo in the Yukon Territory, a town that had its beginnings during the boom years of the silver mines in the area. Na-Cho Nyak Dun’s Traditional Territory covers 162,456 square kilometres of land, of which 131,599 square kilometres is in the Yukon and 30,857 square kilometres is in the Northwest Territories. NNDDC/Procon is currently working at Alexco Resources’ Bellekeno and Lucky Queen Silver Mines near Keno Hill as well as a hydro project for Peter Kiewit near Mayo.

Tahltan / Procon Joint Venture

The Tahltan Nation is an organization similar in form to a tribal council which combines the governments of two bands of the Tahltan people in the Stikine Country of the Northern Interior of British Columbia. The two member governments are the Iskut First Nation and the Tahltan First Nation, which is also known as the Tahltan Indian Band. The Tahltan First Nation is governed by the Tahltan Central Council, which is composed of representatives of ten families from each band and has its offices at Dease Lake. Tahltan/Procon is currently working on the Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Project for AltaGas.