Mining Solutions Tailored to Meet Every Need

Procon is an experienced full-service provider of start-to-finish solutions for the mining industry. Our unique solutions include the ability to build and operate even the most complex open pit or underground mining developments and civil infrastructures. We tailor our solutions to meet our clients’ precise needs and provide excellent service, quality construction, state-of-the-art equipment and safe and highly efficient operations – all delivered with a down-to-earth approach and professional skill. Procon operates throughout North America and around the world.

News, Events and Safety Tips

  • Wrenches

    01.06.15 / Wrenches

    Wrenches seem simple and safe. Yet why do they cause so many accidents? Why wrenches cause accidents The answer is that either the correct type of wrench isn’t used or improper use of the wrench causes it to slip. The…
  • Proactive Safety Means Tomorrow Begins Today!

    01.05.15 / Proactive Safety Means Tomorrow Begins Today!

    Often we take for granted the things in life that we should be truly appreciative of, and sometimes it’s an abrupt realisation of maybe losing them that makes us take notice. At Procon, we start training sessions by asking people…